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Become an expert level Rails developer with Prime. Learn from one of the most prolific and well respected Rails consultancies in the world.
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thoughtbot mentors will hold calls with you once a month to discuss whatever you like: code review, landing your first Rails job, salary negotiation, etc.


This is Jon. Jon Yurek spends his days trying to reach vim enlightenment and writing code solely to make his tests pass. Ever since he played with BASIC on his Apple IIe, he knew programming was for him. The rest of his time is spent camping and playing European-style board games.


This is George. George has been building websites professionally since 2005. Before joining thoughtbot he wrote Ruby and Python for startups in London and Stockholm, and built Mac apps like Choosy. George holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester in the UK. He enjoys tea, good beer and walking in the forest near his home in Stockholm.


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Our workshops are more than just video tutorials. You’ll build real apps and communicate directly with a thoughtbot developer or designer. Begin an online workshop as soon as you sign up.

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Don’t develop alone, communicate with thoughtbotters and other motivated professionals. Ask questions about workshops, books, or personal projects. Join interesting conversations.

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Keep up with regular, exclusive content

It often feels like "best practices" have a shelf-life of a few months before being replaced by better ideas. Between Rails’ constant changes and a never-ending stream of new gems and philosophies, it’s a real challenge to keep up with the state of the art.

Stay on top of it by reading the source of the Learn app itself, watching the thoughtbot team contribute to it, reading our books (which also come with high quality source code), and watching screencasts on vim, development tools, and more.



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This is the closest thing to working at thoughtbot full-time

We’ve trained hundreds of developers and apprentices over the years, and have a great handle on what it takes to become and remain an expert-level Rubyist.

With Learn Prime, we’ve finally created a service that’s nearly as good as joining thoughtbot full time. If you’re a passionate developer serious about improving and maintaining your skills, we know you’ll get a ton of value out of the service.

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