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Vim for Rails Developers

Create and edit your Ruby on Rails code more efficiently.

If you write Rails code in vim, this 34 minute screencast will teach you to create and edit that code more efficiently. Watch a quick preview:

I spend every day writing Rails code in vim, and I’ve optimized the heck out that process. The screencast contains the best of what I’ve learned for creating and editing Rails code at top-speed. Come look over my shoulder and I’ll show you my best stuff.

Chapter topics:

  1. The Fundamentals of Efficient Editing
  2. Mastering rails.vim
  3. Using Snipmate
  4. The Power of Tags
  5. Why You Shouldn’t Use grep
  6. Quick edits made quicker

Vim for Rails Developers has helped me break my dependence on the traditional IDE. The advice and plugins have enabled me to replace my IDE with Vim.

—Adam Wolf

vim for Rails devs is packed with gems. Definitely a must watch!

Anton Lindqvist