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The Playbook

The who, what, why, where, when, and how of modern web development.

We’re a small team that builds web and mobile applications for startups. We aim to create great user experiences powered by well-made software.

This is our playbook.

It’s filled with things we’ve learned based on experience and study. It’s intended for anyone who wants to build web and mobile applications, bring them to market, and make customers happy.

This book is available free on the web and in Kindle or iPad formats!

@thoughtbot’s playbook is epic. A sweeping yet concise guide for any tech product company.

Paul Rosania

Pretty terrific #thoughtbot playbook on how to take an idea from conception, through product, to launching a company.

Bradford Stroh

You may also be interested in The Playbook: Video Edition. This series of videos is the real-time, expanded version of the book. We will go through an example of building an actual application and we explore all of the pieces of the web design and development process. What that process looks like and the tools and team used to build it.