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Humans Present: tmux

Improve your workflow and become a better, happier developer.

tmux, the terminal multiplexer, is gaining in popularity. This 26 minute interview and screencast shows you why you want to use tmux, and how to use it to improve your development workflow and be a better, happier developer. Watch a quick preview:

In this video with Josh Clayton, tmux user and thoughtbot developer, and Chad Pytel, Founder and CEO of thoughtbot, cover:

  1. What tmux is and why you want to use it
  2. Panes and Windows
  3. Keybindings
  4. Copy and Paste
  5. Addons and Scripting

Humans Present

This video is part of the Humans Present series by thoughtbot. These interesting and innovative videos combine a screencast with real live human interviews from some of the most skilled developers and designers in the world, talking and showing you the things about which they are passionate.