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Hidden Secrets of the Chrome Developer Tools

Speed up your day-to-day web development work

If you use Google Chrome for web development (and if you don’t, you probably should), you have an incredibly powerful set of tools available to you — and you probably had no idea! Watch a quick preview:

Ben Orenstein I was inspired to create this screencast when a coworker blew my mind by investigating a problem with the javascript debugger. I’d been using Chrome and the Dev Tools for over a year, but had no idea what I was missing. Rather than continuing to learn things when someone nonchalantly used a feature, I decided to discover everything all at once. This screencast is packed with everything I wish someone had shown me when I first started using Chrome.

The goal of this screencast isn’t to show you everything that the Dev Tools can do, but instead, to focus on the most useful parts of them, and the parts people tend not to know about. I’m going to assume you’re somewhat familiar with the absolute basics already.