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Humans Present: Refactoring

Make Your Code Better

Good developers always try to improve their code. This hour and ten minute long interview and screencast shows the thought process and the in-depth refactoring of a real code example. Watch a quick preview:

In this video, Joe Ferris, CTO and thoughtbot developer, and Chad Pytel, Founder and CEO of thoughtbot, cover:

  • What is Refactoring and what you need to do it
  • Pros and Cons of different Refactoring techniques
  • Removing duplication
  • Extracting code to classes and modules

all using real code from Trajectory. The changes in this video were merged into master and deployed to production the week after filming!

Humans Present

This video is part of the Humans Present series by thoughtbot. These interesting and innovative videos combine a screencast with real live human interviews from some of the most skilled developers and designers in the world, talking and showing you the things about which they are passionate.