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The Playbook: Video Edition

How to plan, design, develop, and launch a successful web application.

We’re a small team that builds web and mobile applications for startups. We aim to create great user experiences powered by well-made software. We’ve been giving an in-person workshop in Boston for a couple of years, and we’ve been writing what we believe in our playbook.

In this series of five high-definition videos, Chad Pytel, Founder and CEO of thoughtbot, will cover:

  • Making plans and designing a product (15 min)
  • Building a team (15 min)
  • The design process (30 min)
  • Successful development practices and platform choices (34 min)
  • Launch! (16 min)

When you purchase this series of videos for yourself or your company you also get one on one and group support directly from Chad Pytel and other members of the thoughtbot crew. Ask them any questions you have about startups, building successful application, Rails, and mobile and web development.