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The Art of Vim

Walk the path of Vim mastery with this ongoing series of Vim tips and time-savers

Master your tools! Take back control of your life! Waste no time on keystrokes and configurations. The Art of Vim will guide you along the path to Vim mastery through an ongoing series of screencasts with valuable tips and time savers.

Configure your window splits to give active windows focus; enhance search with keymaps, incremental search, and highlighting; create, control, and reorganize tabs with key commands; navigate files like the wind, run commands on blocks with relative number, and indent unruly files with only two keystrokes.

The series already features these fine videos, with more being delivered over time:

  • Transitioning to Vim
  • Indenting
  • Relative Number
  • Tabs
  • Search
  • Intro to Splits
  • Commanding split windows
  • Introduction to Vimscript
  • Text Objects
  • Mapping commands

And as a special bonus, we’ve also included our Vim for Rails Developers video.

Come with us on the amazing journey that is… The Art of Vim