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Intro to Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL

Learn Ruby and Rails with an eye on PostgreSQL

This hands-on workshop will present the Ruby programming language, the Rails web application framework, and usage with PostgreSQL. We will spend the morning digging into the Ruby language in order to form a solid foundation for the afternoon session, in which we start building a Rails application backed by PostgreSQL. We will also learn how to manage your database schema, and make use of Postgres specific features from a Rails app.

Knowledge of Object Oriented programming is assumed.

Where is this workshop?

It takes place as part of PostgreSQL conf West

Do I need a laptop?

You will preferably have a laptop. You don’t only listen to us talk, but instead you follow along in your laptop and write code.

How should I prep for this workshop?

You should try to get a Ruby development environment set up so that we can get right to learning, instead of wasting time getting everything ready.

Here’s an example for how to set everything up if you’re on a mac: http://robots.thoughtbot.com/post/8700977975/2011-rubyists-guide-to-a-mac-os-x-development