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Design for Developers

Get better at visual design and create something great.

Often developers say that they don’t even know where to start when designing a page. This workshop will ease the pain and frustration that comes with learning design by giving a hands on, personal approach. It will leave you with plenty of ways to continue to build your on your design knowledge.

What you will learn

  • Fundamental design principles
  • The importance of a grid and how to use it
  • Choosing a typeface and implementing great typography
  • How to select and match colors

The workshop consists of five short pre-recorded lessons are reinforced with extended periods of hands-on practice and guidance. Weekly office hours give the opportunity to ask follow up questions and discussion. Kyle walks you through the workshop providing helpful and timely critique, advice and answering questions throughout the workshop.

Cannot recommend Design for Developers more. It’s amazing and I have a totally different outlook on design and web development.

Chuck Vose

As an alumnus of Design for Developers, let me heartily recommend it to other devs who want to develop a better eye for design and learn the basics of implementing visually pleasing sites.

Mike Furtak

How the workshop works

Pick a project — This can be anything from your personal site, to a side project, to something you’re working on at your job.

Video lessons —As soon as you register you gain access to pre-recorded video sessions given by the workshop instructor, Kyle Fiedler. Each week you will apply what you have learned in the videos on the project that you have chosen. Work on it as much as you’d like before the next office hours, and get help from Kyle and the rest of thoughtbot in our forums along the way.

Critique — Throughout the week students can post new work for critique from Kyle and other students. This tight feedback loop on work helps to push your designs and further reinforces the video lesson throughout the workshop

Online Office Hours — In this live chat and Q&A, Matt will lead a group discussion about the topics covered in that weeks video session, as well as any other questions you might have. Office hours are every Friday at three times: 10:30am Central European time, 10:30am US Eastern, and 4pm US Pacific.

Ongoing — After the workshop ends, you’re not done. You get access to all existing and future content, and support for any ongoing Design questions you have from Kyle and the rest of the thoughtbot team in the weekly office hours and forums.

Course Resources

Check out the workshop resources and cheat sheet pages for free.

Is this the right workshop for me?

The only pre-requisite for the workshop is a solid working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Beyond that, anyone with an interest in visual design on the web and a desire to improve their skills is a good fit for this course.

You do not need any previous design experience. With this course, you will be able to good designs that work because you will understand a handful of techniques that are repeatable.

Are you going to cover HTML5 and CSS3?

This class is primarily concerned with teaching visual design principles, not front-end development. That said, if students are interested in digging deeper into HTML5 and CSS3, we can provide help there as well.

How will I access the videos?

All video can be streamed online or downloaded in full 720p HD quality with high quality audio for you to keep forever.

How much time per week am I expected to work?

You should expect to spend at least five to ten hours a week on this workshop. The more time you spend interacting with the instructor and other participants, the more you’ll get out of the workshop.

How can I ask you more questions?

Email us at learn@thoughtbot.com.

  • Kyle Fiedler
    Taught by

    Kyle Fiedler