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Intro to Ruby on Rails

Learn how to develop web applications using Ruby on Rails.

The Intro to Ruby on Rails workshop is designed for developers with very little experience with Ruby or Rails. The workshop consists of two sessions of Ruby where we’ll cover everything from the basics such as syntax, classes, and objects to more advanced topics like blocks and iterators. The rest of the workshop will focus on building a simple rails application from the ground up and will cover topics such as how MVC applies to Rails, Rails routing, and the process for building an application.

Students are expected to have worked with an object oriented programming language and should have experience with a relational database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle. This course is intended for developers who have very minimal exposure to Rails.

How the workshop works

Video lessons —As soon as you register you gain access to pre-recorded video sessions given by the workshop instructor, Matt Mongeau. Watch the video and code along with Matt on the project. Work on it as much as you’d like before the next office hours, and get help from Matt and the rest of thoughtbot in our forums along the way.

Online Office Hours — In this live chat and Q&A, Matt will lead a group discussion about the topics covered in that weeks video session, as well as any other questions you might have. Office hours are every Friday at three times: 10:30am Central European time, 10:30am US Eastern, and 4pm US Pacific.

Ongoing — After the workshop ends, you’re not done. You get access to all existing and future content, and support for any ongoing Ruby and Rails questions you have from Matt and the rest of the thoughtbot team in the weekly office hours and forums.

What level of programming experience should I have before taking this workshop?

While we recommend that students taking this workshop have some general programming experience, you don’t need to have any prior experience with Ruby or Rails. A familiarity with the basic concepts of OOP is useful as well.

The typical student for this workshop finishes with knowledge of how to create a basic Rails application and is ready to move on to more complicated rails applications.

How can I ask you more questions?

Email us at learn@thoughtbot.com.

What is the time commitment for this workshop?

You should expect to spend at least five to ten hours a week on this workshop. The more time you spend interacting with the instructor and other participants, the more you’ll get out of the workshop.

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    Matthew Mongeau

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