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Best Practices for Front-End Development

Learn how to create scalable front-end code using HTML & CSS, Bourbon, and Neat.

This intermediate HTML & CSS workshop teaches you how to design and code like a thoughtbot designer. You will learn how to write clean code to create scalable websites and web applications using thoughtbot’s best practices and methods. You will learn how to use SCSS and thoughtbot’s style libraries Bourbon and Neat to write your own clean and well-written code, identify and use modular patterns, and deploy your application live to Heroku.

What you will learn

  • Discover how to create a consistent and flexible code base
  • Why it’s important to use semantic HTML
  • Enhance your workflow and productivity using SCSS
  • Use the Bourbon framework to quickly style your website
  • Why the Neat grid framework is superior to traditional grid frameworks
  • Avoid the mistakes we have made before
  • Proficiency in working in the command line to install gems, work with Git, and deploy to Heroku

The workshop consists of three 90-minute live video workshops over three weeks between 1:00pm – 2:30pm US Eastern time/10:00am – 11:30am US Pacific time. thoughtbot designers will provide hands-on practice and guidance. Weekly office hours give the opportunity to ask follow-up questions.


This is an intermediate/advanced front-end development workshop; you must be comfortable writing HTML and CSS. We expect familiarity with Git, a text editor, and the command line. If any of these things are unfamilar to you, we can point you to other resources.


  • Google Chrome (We use its Inspector Tool to help us)
  • Text Editor (We use Vim. Other options include Sublime Text 2 and TextMate)
  • A computer with Ruby and Xcode installed