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Scaling Rails

Make your app go "vrrrrroooom."

“Scaling Rails” covers architecture (reverse proxy cache, load balancer, web server, app servers), front-end performance (asset packaging, compression), making SQL fast (database indexes, using EXPLAIN), background processes (cron, queueing), caching (page, action, fragment, SQL, HTTP), load testing (em_proxy), and debugging (New Relic, benchmark,rb, perftools.rb, request-log-analyzer).

How can I ask you more questions?

Email us at workshops@thoughtbot.com.

What are the topics covered?

Scaling, performance, definitions and process discussion.
Cloud computing vs. VPS vs. dedicated hardware considerations
Metrics gathering and considerations
Test-Driven development, intro to cucumber, capybara, factory_girl and
Rspec. Goals. Refactoring.
Background processing options and considerations
SQL tuning. DB conventions and best practices, patterns, identifying
slow queries. Understanding EXPLAIN for both mysql and postgres. We go
in depth into the postgresql planner
Redis, data types, operations and use cases.
Rack. Rack middleware,
Front end performance, measurement/debugging tools
Rails caching
HTTP caching
Using em_proxy to split traffic for load testing.
Debugging and troubleshooting. Benchmarking. Log analysis